To serve the unmet healthcare needs of society by accelerating drug research of our customers, by manufacturing high-quality products and by creating innovative solutions that improve affordability of medicines.

Our vision for 2025 is to be regarded as a leading partner of choice in the Indian pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing space. We shall also be recognized as one of the fastest growing generic medicines company with a pan-India distribution network. With manufacturing facilities approved by regulated and emerging market authorities, we export medicines and health products outside India. We pro-actively invest in research and development and bring to market a portfolio of unique IP protected products that add lasting value to the under-served patients.

The principles towards which are consciously strive collectively & individually and measure our own performances are:

• Quality
– Pay attention to detail and ensure standards that we can be proud of
– Do the right things right
– Commit to a mindset of personal excellence

• Customer Orientation
– Listen and respond to our stakeholders with a sense of urgency
– Make it easy to work with us
– Clearly communicate mutual intentions and expectations

• Results Orientation
– Set challenging goals and strive for achieving alignment and resonance
– Assume ownership and strive to execute flawlessly
– Confront constructively with solution mindset to solve problems

• Discipline
– Make and meet commitments
– Maintain uncompromising transparency, integrity and professionalism
– Plan, fund, staff and monitor projects properly and communicate with clarity

• Working in Teams
– Encourage diversity of perspectives and foster creative thinking and innovation
– Share credit fairly and give honest and timely feedback where required
– Reward informed risk taking and challenge status quo