We engage across a wide variety of development services along the life cycle of your new ideas. The range of our services includes:

Stability Studies
Formulation Development
Method Development

Our Key Offerings:

Solid Dosage Forms

  • Wet and dry granulation
  • Micronization, milling, micro dosing
  • Drying by microwave, tray, or fluid bed
  • Tablet coating including special release profile
  • Bi-layer tablets
  • Tablet printing
  • Capsule filling, hard capsules powder, pellets and beads

Liquid Dosage Forms

  • Solutions and suspensions
  • Non-aqueous solvents including high alcohol content mixtures
  • Pediatric formulations
  • High shear, low shear mixing
  • Heated, jacketed, pressurized and vacuum vessels

Primary Packaging

  • Unit dose blisters (cold form and thermoform)
  • Wallets
  • Powder in bottles
  • Bottles, unit of use cups
  • Pouches, sachets
  • Screw caps, crimp caps, press-on caps
  • Pumps, orifice reducers, pour spouts
  • Droppers, spoons

Secondary Packaging

  • Labeling, bar-coding, cartoning
  • Shrink wrapping, close packing, palletizing
  • Special services: cold rooms low humidity rooms

We offer specialized services to address the challenges of counterfeit products. Our tailor-made solutions address the needs of our customers for product security, which include 2D bar coding and other overt/covert features.

We have nationally accredited (Department of Science and Industrial Research), dedicated Formulation and Development (F&D) Laboratory. We are highly prolific in developing value-added generics like sustained release modified release formulations, bi-layered tablet formulations, MUPS, taste-masked solid and liquid dosage forms, oral dispersible preparations, chewable and effervescent preparations, targeted drug delivery systems to name a few.

A separate Analytical Development Laboratory, equipped with latest instruments, is also present to support the formulation development activities. We follow ICH guidelines in development to generate complete dossier for technology transfer to the manufacturing floor. Initial batches are taken in presence of the development team and all data is statistically analyzed and reviewed by design quality assurance personnel.

We are committed to better healthcare for all, through quality products, achieved through manufacturing excellence, compliance to requirements and continual improvement in quality management system, for maximum customer satisfaction.

We strictly adhere to stipulations issued by international and national authorities like World Health Organization (WHO), International Conference on Harmonization (ICH), and International Organization for Standardization (ISO), We believe that a solution becomes a success when it conforms to the quality specifications by the customer – first time and every time, meeting world-class standards.

Giving utmost importance to quality, we have developed a sophisticated system and seamless procedure throughout the process.

We strive to transcend the set quality standards and to improve the quality of product keeping in pace with the ever changing quality requirements of the regulatory authorities.

In regulatory compliance and preapproval inspections by the world’s leading drug regulatory authorities, our contract manufacturing sites consistently achieve excellent records. Likewise, we also maintain superior records in multiple company audits by customers and government agencies. Authorities and regulatory bodies of all the countries we supply the products in, have audited and sanctioned our respective facilities along with our local supply partners.