Windlas Biotech Limited, founded in 2001, operates globally and is committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing drugs of high therapeutic value for human consumption.

We implement an unmatched global quality management system that is based on the desire to sustain a culture of operational excellence. Meeting and exceeding stakeholders’ expectations, including marketing companies, patients and government regulators which are the guiding principles of our efforts.

Windlas Biotech employs the best of industry’s technical professionals in its QC, QA, production and product development functions. Their continuous proactive efforts on the present and future needs of market are dedicated to meeting the customer requirements through consistent development of technology, quality, drug delivery systems, and packaging.

While India is known for the high number of pharma companies and branded generics, almost 5 lac villages (where more than 70% of the country’s population is located) are still grossly under served in terms of access to quality medicines. Windlas generic brands are targeted for consumers located in difficult to reach small towns and villages. They provide a promise of unflinching dedication to quality while at the same time meeting the affordability criteria of the population.

The company started these brands by observing a large gap in the market in 2017 where the expensive brands assured quality but many of the generics available in villages and interiors were of dubious standards and quality.

Over the years our team has created a viable business model by creating a partner network of wholesalers and retailers who are able to extend the reach of company’s 140 plus SKUs deep into the territories. We intend to have more than 350 SKUs in next 3 years to cover all major disease profiles.

As of now, we have significant presence in the states of – Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha, North Eastern states and Gujarat. We intend to expand our presence to each of the 720 districts across India through our network of 16 CFAs & distributors and an 800+ stockist network. Our target is to reach a network of 4000+ stockists by 2025.

Windlas takes pride in ownership of these brands and manufactures each of these products at the same international standards of efficacy, safety and purity as the leading pharma companies in the world. Our goal is to make sure that every life touched by our products and services is able to enjoy health at affordable costs.