We are amongst the top five players in the domestic pharmaceutical formulations contract development and manufacturing organization (“CDMO”) industry in India in terms of revenue. With over two decades of experience in manufacturing both solid and liquid pharmaceutical dosage forms and significant experience in providing specialized capabilities, including, high potency, controlled substances and low-solubility.

we provide a comprehensive range of CDMO services ranging from product discovery, product development, licensing and commercial manufacturing of generic products, including complex generics, in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (“GMP”) with a focus on improved safety, efficacy and cost. In Fiscal 2020, our market share was approximately 1.5% in terms of revenue in the domestic formulations CDMO industry. In addition to providing services and products in the CDMO market, we also sell our own branded products in the trade generics and OTC markets as well as export generic products to several countries.

The prevalence of chronic diseases in India has been increasing in the last few years, specifically in certain key therapeutic categories, such as, anti-diabetic, cardiovascular, neuropsychiatry and respiratory therapies, that are treated with ‘multi-drug therapy’ by physicians, i.e. the specific use of two or more drugs for single or multiple chronic conditions in an individual. Moreover, multi-drug therapy has gained importance over the past few years in the healthcare sector and is expected to aid the growth of pharmaceutical consumption. We have significant experience in developing and manufacturing generic fixed dose combinations. Our focus has currently been on launching new complex generic products in the chronic therapeutic category linked to lifestyle related disorders.

We have three distinct strategic business verticals (“SBVs”): (i) CDMO Services and Products; (ii) Domestic Trade Generics and over-the-counter (“OTC”) Brands; and (iii) Exports.